How to use this frontend

The idea behind this blog is to serve as a front-end to the Dropbox-based “Logic Blog” initiated by André Nies. This LaTeX-ed blog in the Dropbox has some advantages, such as the possibility to directly paste LaTeX code into the blog, or the re-usability of posts for later publications.

This front-end is trying to supplement that idea by adding the usual advantages of a classic blog, such as RSS feeds. Whenever you post to the Dropbox-based blog, please also add a little note here in the frontend to advertise your change.

Unfortunately, the blog has come into the focus of spambots, and even the CAPTCHA system is ineffective in preventing them from signing up for it. The self-registration system has therefore been disabled. If you are part of the logic community and would like to publish on this blog, please send me a short email; I will then create an account for you. Please use your “official” email address, so I can verify your identity. Thank you!

The frontend is MathJaX enabled, meaning you can insert formulas using the usual LaTeX notation with dollar signs as delimiters. Of course there are the usual limitations, this is not full LaTeX.

If you need to convert a large quantity of LaTeX code for this blog, a time-saving option is to use Pandoc with the “–mathjax” option to convert the LaTeX code into HTML, and then to paste that HTML directly into the blog. Again, there are limitations.

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